ANDRA Approved Rollcages & Fabrication 
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With over 20 years experience in ANDRA complient Roll Cages, we offer the best roll cage for your application. At Shane's Chassis and Fabrication we offer entry level 4 point cages, bolt in or full weld in. Bolt in 4 point removable for your street registered vehicle. To a full weld in 6 point chromoly cage for the Drag Strip.
At Shane's Chassis and Fabrication, we can even go that next step with is a full SFI spec chassis for which ever ANDRA class in which you want to compete.
Half Chassis - Three Quarter Chassis - Full Chassis - Street Cars - Chassis Rail Relocation - Chassis Rail Connectors - Engine Conversions and Mounting - Chasssis Suspension Set Up and Tuning - Light Weight Panels Mounted in either Fibre Glass or Carbon Fibre - Lexan Windows - Dzus Fasteners - Parachute Mounts - Custom Tin Work also available.
All new fabricated Roll Cages come with ANDRA pre-inspection
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